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Touch Vision module with EL backlight system

TVM24128BTC data sheet (PDF 120K)

TVM24128 design manual (PDF 286K)

Download both datasheet and manual (Zipped PDF 355K)

Download TVM software examples (Zip 115K)

Power supply: Single 5 Volts DC

Display size: 240 x 128 pixels Active viewing area: 4.72 x 2.51 inches.

Touch panel: 10 x 6 crosspoint array

Backlight type: EL with integral inverter and software on/off control

Overall dimensions: 7.56 x 4.03 x 1.25 inches Weight: 14 oz.


8 bit parallel data via a 20 pin header. Other signals include Reset bar, Enable bar, Read bar and Write bar, Input buffer full flag, output buffer full flag, Error flag and Keypress flag and two address lines.

RS232 using a 10-pin header with a separate 2-pin power supply connector.

General Operation:

The TVM24128BTC can reside on your microprocessor's buss like a memory device, be interfaced via an unused port including any bi-directional printer port on a PC card, or communicated with over your RS232 serial link. When using the parallel interface, the two address lines are used to direct the module to accept an instruction, unlimited string data or to report back information that is stored in the on-board status register. The serial command language offers an alternative method of performing the same instructions when using the serial link. The instruction set includes commands to activate touch screen switch areas while drawing buttons on the LCD. A pre-loaded label is also automatically centered within the button area. During button definition a key code is assigned which can be read after the keypress status flag indicates that a valid button closure has occurred. Other commands can control font selection, draw boxes and vectors, turn the backlight on and off, and control both the button characteristics and built in audio beeper. The TVM24128BTC uses a 16 bit 20 MHz on-board uP to add a new level of intelligence to the LCD which allows equipment using the low performance CPU cards to obtain a sophisticated and flexible user interface. The module also makes available a non-dedicated port of 8 inputs and 4 outputs to control additional equipment functions.

An unlimited number of screen fonts can be displayed simultaneously being selected from 2 built in fonts or from 3 down loaded soft fonts. Fonts can be down loaded 'on the fly' as required. A font compiler is included in the designer kit software.

The TVM24128K designer kit includes a module, PC interface card, manuals, software libraries and examples including C and basic source code. This kit can get the module up and running in a matter of minutes and will allow you to test routines before writing and compiling your code. For all specifications and a complete set if information contact C Sys Labs, Inc.

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